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Collect crystals, build-up your ship, and destroy your opponent's base in this intense new team multiplayer game.
Objective: Be the first team to advance to Technology Level 10, then destroy the enemy starbase.

Basic Steps:
1. Collect crystals and kill enemy fighters to gain credits. 
2. Fly through the green spheres at your home starbase to drop off your credits and raise your base's tech level. 
3. As your base's tech level increases, you'll want to upgrade your weapons.
4. When your base's Tech Level reaches 10, equip your ship with Helios Rockets to destroy the enemy's life support plant.
5. Every time you drop off crystals or make a kill, your rank goes up. The higher your rank, the better your ship becomes. 
Crystals: Explore the region by flying through TCG gates to enter new sectors. In some sectors, you'll find CRYSTALS you can collect for credits. Collect the crystals by flying into them. When the display at the top of the screen reads "Credits: 100%," your hold is full, and it's time to fly back home and drop the credits off.  The crystal's color denotes its value in credits.
Tech Level: As you gain experience for your starbase by turning in credits, the base's Technology Level will increase. This accomplishes two things: 1) It adds to your starbase's automatic defenses; and 2) It makes more advanced weapons and systems available to be mounted on your ship when you dock at your starbase.  Your base gains points towards new technology levels whenever you drop crystals off at the CREDIT REPOSITORIES.
Upgrade Your Weapons: When you dock with your starbase, you can access a menu that lets you replace your current weapons and system upgrades with more advanced ones. You dock by flying close to a LANDING PAD, leveling off, and hitting the Enter key where you see the "Cleared to Land" message. When you're satisfied with your changes, hit the Escape key to exit the menu and leave the landing pad. 
Life Support Plant: The large dome at the "top" of a starbase is its LIFE SUPPORT PLANT. The Life Support Plant is only vulnerable to attack by Helios Rockets, which become available for mounting on your fighter when your base reaches Technology Level 10. It takes several direct Helios Rocket hits to destroy a Life Support Plant, so a coordinated strike involving several heavy fighters is your best bet. When the enemy's Life Support Plant is destroyed, the game is won.
Rank: As you rise through the ranks by killing bad guys and turning in credits, your fighter will perform better (faster energy recharge, higher top speed, etc). Rank also affects the number of points you receive for killing an enemy fighter; the higher his rank, the more points you receive.

The object of the Arena Match is simple, kill your opponents before they can get you. You gain points by killing opponents and lose points every time you are killed. The game ends when one player has accumulated a certain number of kills (usually 20) or the time limit has expired (usually 30 minutes). The game Host can change these values.

Before you enter the game, you can choose any ship, weapons and system upgrades that you want. Once in the game, it is every pilot for themselves. Keep an eye out for Power-ups that you can pick-up and quickly refresh your ship's systems. You can also repair your ship and replenish your systems if the sector has a Repair Dock to land on (fly level over the repair platform and when you see "Cleared to Land" press ENTER).