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Game Types

Deathmatch is an all-out airwar where every aircraft you encounter is your enemy. Your waypoints will direct you to the designated engagement area. Kills add to your score, crashes take away from it. Land at your original runway when you need to rearm and refuel. Stay sharp, be aggressive and be prepared to match your combat skills against equally ready live opponents.

R.A.W. pits two teams of pilots against each other. Each team has a base to defend and an enemy base to attack. The first team to destroy the enemy's base wins the mission. When you join the game, you will be assigned to the team with the least amount of players. As you enter the mission, you must decide whether you will fly an aircraft configured as a FIGHTER or as a BOMBER. Fighters are loaded with missiles for air-to-air combat while bombers are given bombs for air-to-ground attacks. Each team has at least one AWACS for long-range radar; however, once your AWACS is destroyed you will have to rely only on your onboard radar. Follow your target waypoints to the enemy's base. The bombers then will need to manually sight their bombson the targets. Just place the targeting diamond on the target and "bombs away". Remember, shift-T lets you chat only with your own squadron.